24 Types Of Orgasms & How To Try Each One

There are many different ways to trigger an orgasm and also many different ways to classify them—such as by the type of touch used, which body parts were stimulated, or how intense or pleasurable it felt. All these variations could be considered different “types” of orgasms, and in that sense, there are dozens of types of orgasms people can experience. But physiologically speaking, research suggests all orgasms are actually the same physical experience.

“Based on the data I’ve seen and my conversations with scientists who study the physiology of orgasm, it does not seem to be the case that orgasms induced by different forms of stimulation ‘look’ different physiologically,” says Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., a social psychologist, author of the Sex and Psychology blog, and expert at Lovehoney. “Anatomically, an orgasm refers to a series of contractions that occur in the genital region, so if you define ‘orgasm’ solely in terms of a physiological response, an orgasm is an orgasm.”

That said, the psychological experience of orgasms can vary significantly, he notes, depending on factors such as substance use, how excited and aroused you are, how distracted you are, or how much pressure you feel to orgasm. These factors can affect the way an orgasm feels, even though the same thing is happening physiologically. That’s why it’s possible to have some orgasms that feel mind-numbingly amazing, some that feel just okay, and some that actually feel bad or painful, Lehmiller explains. Yes, bad orgasms are a thing.

Below are at least two dozen different “types” of orgasms that are unique in some way, whether by how it’s induced or how it feels.

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