2021 Horoscopes For Every Astrology Sign: Love, Money & More

Ready to set new depth records in the Love Olympics? Serious Saturn and adventurous Jupiter plunge into Aquarius this year, making waves in your eighth house of intimacy, seduction, and shared resources.

Surface encounters were never your sensitive sign’s thing to begin with, so you’ll navigate these seas with greater ease than most. Still, the transformational energy of the eighth house can bring some stormy endings, scintillating beginnings, and a lot of ups and downs in between.

Erotic exploration can get downright freaky during wild-child Jupiter’s two laps through Aquarius until May 13 and again from July 28 to December 28. Business partnerships can also get off the ground, whether you’re raising funds for a startup venture or funneling savings into a group investment.

While there’s no such thing as “too close” for most of the year, you could get a case of cold feet when Jupiter darts into Pisces for a brief spell, from May 13 to July 28. During that indie-spirited circuit, relationships with plenty of breathing room will be your jam. But you’ll be back into full-on twosome mode on November 5, when seductive Venus camps out in Capricorn, your seventh house of relationships, for an extended four-month spell.

Head’s up: radiant Venus goes retrograde from December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022. This can reignite an old flame or revive a nostalgic activity you once loved sharing with your partner.

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