19 Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes To Cook At Home

The Mediterranean diet is an all-star of the nutrition world, in so many ways. With an emphasis on overall lifestyle (in and out of the kitchen), without rigid restrictions, the Med diet is consistently rated one of the top diets for overall health.

So it’s no surprise that an influx of food writers and cookbook authors draw inspiration from this Blue Zone and it’s eponymous diet. Here at mindbodygreen, we’ve been lucky enough to read a whole bunch of these cookbooks in 2020, and connect with many amazing chefs and nutritionists who’ve shared their knowledge. As it turns out, people really dig this cooking style—and that includes you, our readers.

One of the appeals of Mediterranean-inspired cooking is undoubtably the fresh ingredients, but it’s also the way these recipes can transport us, particularly in a year where we haven’t been able to travel. Inspired by regions around the Mediterranean sea, a variety of cuisines fall within the parameters of this eating style—each of which offers their own take on the core principles and food groups of the diet.

So without further ado, these are the most-loved (the most-clicked on by you, our readers!) Mediterranean-inspired recipes we shared with you in 2020. Here’s to another year of healthy, balanced meals that nourish our bodies and transport us beyond the kitchen walls.

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