16 Signs Of An Unhappy, Loveless Marriage (From Therapists)

Yes, a loveless or unhappy marriage can still be revived as long as both partners are committed to doing the work.

“Reviving an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage starts first and foremost with a desire to have things change,” Caraballo says. The desire to work things out also must also be followed by concrete steps to repair, he says. “This could look like learning new ways to communicate more effectively, managing finances differently, or anything in between.”

Couples therapy will likely be extremely helpful if not necessary, Birkel and Caraballo note. You can also try using “therapist-written books on relationship repair together, or attend workshops or retreats led by licensed professionals,” Caraballo adds.

And always remember, Birkel says, if you’ve made the decision to work on your problems and try to save your marriage, “this is a person you love and care about and want to make it work with,” he says. Remind yourself of that fact often.

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