15 Tasty Foods To Promote Your Child’s Health

It’s no wonder that some of the healthiest foods are also fiber powerhouses, with a slew of health-boosting benefits. This all-important, plant-derived nutrient is vital for optimal gut health and overall well-being. That’s why fiber should play a pivotal part in anyone’s diet—including kiddos! 

Yet, it is estimated that only 5% of American adults and children get an adequate amount of dietary fiber. That’s a pretty big problem, considering, “studies show that children who eat fiber-rich diets have a reduced risk of obesity and chronic diseases later in life,” says Whitney English, M.S., RDN. Fiber can also help prevent constipation—a common problem for young children.

What’s more, “fiber helps feed children’s developing microbiome, which sets the stage for their lifelong health—the microbiome does everything from helping to digest food to regulating metabolism to influencing immune responses,” says English.

Those first three years of life are especially crucial because it’s when a child develops their microbiome, says William Bulsiewicz M.D., MSCI, best-selling author of Fiber Fueled. “We need to view this as an opportunity to support the healthiest gut microbiome possible by feeding it with prebiotics,” he says. “There are two main sources that are relevant, human breast milk and the fiber found in plant foods.”

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