15 Signs Of A Fake Friend + How To Deal With It, From Experts

You don’t necessarily have to have an explicit “breakup” conversation, Leeds says. You can prompt the relationship into ending naturally, by “matching your friend’s effort put into the friendship, refraining from any favors, and holding firm to your boundaries,” she explains, adding, “If this isn’t enough to break your fake friendship, your friend may be more genuine than you’d realized.”

And if you’re looking for a firmer ending, Nuñez says you should “break up” with them just as you would with someone you’re dating: by telling them the relationship is no longer serving you, and you think it would be best to go your separate ways.

Leeds adds that having the conversation can “feel empowering or give you clarity or closure,” but for many people in a fake friendship, it doesn’t even seem necessary, because “the friendship lacked the realness and intimacy that usually warrants this type of honest dialogue.”

However you decide to go about it, it’s about staying true to yourself, your boundaries, and your needs.

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