14 Perfect Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything

Time is quickly running out for you to find a gift for everyone on your list. But if you’re down to those people who just seem to have everything, we have a few ideas to help you solve this gifting conundrum.

This gift list runs the gamut with speakers, warm winter attire, choice adult libations, a wifi-connected wood-fired grill, an arcade machine and much more. So no matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve got you covered.

Arcade1Up NBA Jam

Courtesy of Arcade1

Even the guy who has everything doesn’t have a small scale NBA Jam arcade cabinet. At just under 5 feet tall, the cabinet can host up to four players and three games—NBA Jam, Tournament Edition, and Hangtime—all played in the two-on-two format you loved back when the game debuted at about the same time as Jurassic Park hit the theaters. You and three (smaller) friends can pack in for the no fouls and violations game you remember featuring real NBA players on a 17-inch LCD screen with joysticks and smash-ready buttons. There’s even a stool for longer solo games, a nice reward after the DIY assembly, and the marquee lights up too. In a nod to the technology age: you don’t need quarters, and you can play online against others who have the same game, plus control the volume. Boomshkalaka.

[$500; arcade1up.com]

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Traeger Ironwood Series 885


For those that love to cook outdoors, it’s hard to imagine a better gift than the Traeger Ironwood Series 885 Pellet Grill. Famous for their wood-fired grills, Traeger continues to find its way into backyards across the country for one simple reason––their grills produce delicious barbecue. But this isn’t just one of their “regular” grills, this is a next-gen grill.

The Ironwood Series 885 integrates game-changing new features including their new “WiFIRE Technology.” This actually allows you to connect your Traeger to your phone so that you can monitor and adjust your grill without even going outside. Additionally, the Ironwood D2 Controller allows for you to set a precise temperature for consistent results every time, while Super Smoke Mode lets you crank up the flavor with the press of a button. And with 885 square inches of grill space, you’ll be able to feed the entire block. The road to becoming a pitmaster just got a whole lot easier.

[$1500; traegergrills.com]

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Bushnell Wingman

Courtesy of Bushnell

There’s a pretty good chance that somebody on your gift list loves to golf. But unless they tell you exactly what clubs they want, it can be difficult to know what to get them. (Hint: They already have enough golf shirts and socks). Instead, give them something that will make their entire round more enjoyable––the Bushnell Wingman.

This high-quality speaker is built specifically for the golf course and comes with several great features including crystal clear audio, an integrated magnet to attach to the golf cart, 10 hours of battery life, and a USB port to charge your other devices. But what sets this speaker apart is its ability to receive audible GPS distances to the front, center and back of the green from 36,000+ courses worldwide. All you need to do is hit the button on the detachable remote, and the speaker will read out the distances to green. It’s the do-it-all speaker that any golfer would love to find in his stocking.

[$150; bushnellgolf.com]

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Garmin Edge 1030 Plus bike computer and Varia RTL515 radar and tail light

Courtesy of Garmin

If your gift list includes a cyclist you’d like to spoil, but you also want to keep him safe while riding the streets, the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus and the Varia RTL515 radar does both using very slick, and user friendly, technology. The Edge 1030 Plus handles everything you’d need a smartphone-side bike computer to do, but in full color with great UX and a responsive touch screen. New riders will find features that help push their training or chart new routes around town. More seasoned cyclists will have a companion to record indoor and outdoor rides, and track metrics like grit (the difficulty of a ride based on elevation) and flow (how smoothly you take downhills) putting a number to each so you can best them the next time. While it might look like a standard blinking tail light, Garmin’s Varia is a radar that picks up cars and traffic behind you, then sends alerts to your Edge 1030, both visually and audibly, so when you’re never caught by surprise.

Garmin Edge: [$600; garmin.com]

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Garin Varia: [$200; garmin.com]

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Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer

Courtesy of Omega


If you know someone who is gearing up to start living clean and healthy in 2021, the OMEGA Cold Press 365 Juicer is an excellent gift idea. This juicer is designed for ease of use and maximum flavor, two key factors when it comes to juicing. Its cutting-edge mastication process produces a higher quality juice by eliminating the use of heat and aeration to maintain maximum nutrition. Additionally, the three stage auger produces a higher juice yield for more juice in your glass. Once you’re done enjoying the juice, clean-up is a breeze and only takes a couple minutes to rinse, re-snap and put away. It’s the perfect tool to help keep someone on the healthy track as we chug into the New Year.

[$150; omegajuicers.com]

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Linksoul Kirkwall Down Hoodie

Courtesy of Linksoul

Cold weather is here, so give the gift of both warmth and style with the ultra-versatile Linksoul Kirkwall Down Hoodie. The goose down inside this puffy jacket keeps you extra toasty and warm, while its stylish look and three color options––black, earth green and mulch––pair well with any winter outfit. Beyond warmth and style, the functionality of this puffy is what really makes it a winner. We loved the four large pockets––two inside and two outside––and the cinch cords around the waist and hood kept things snug during windy outings. But it doesn’t just store other items, it even stores itself! The right inside pocket actually pulls out and allows you to easily stuff the entire jacket into that pocket––a perfect space saver.

[$195; linksoul.com]

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Olukai Moloa Slippers

Courtesy of Olukai

With many of us hunkering down and spending more time at home this holiday season, we think that comfort items are a go-to when it comes to a home run gift idea. That being said, slippers are the perfect way to show someone you care about their comfort during this strange time. And we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, Olukai makes some of our favorite comfort footwear on the market. And their Moloa Slippers are some of the comfiest and most stylish slippers we’ve slipped on our feet this year.

Made from premium heavily-waxed nubuck leather with ultra-soft shearling, these slippers are island style that meet all of the requirements of everyday wear just about anywhere on the planet. Take them outside for a stroll around the neighborhood or to the grocery store, and keep them on when you amble around the house prepping for the holidays. Again, if you know someone who is isolating at home for the next few weeks, these slippers are the ultimate feel-good gift to make them feel warm and cozy during this tough time.

 [$120; olukai.com]

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Voited Cloud Touch Indoor/Outdoor Camping Blanket

Courtesy of Voited

It’s time to get cozy. And whether you’re curling up indoors or outdoors, the Voited Cloud Touch Camping Blanket is the ticket. This 4-in-1 water-resistant insulated blanket comes with plush CloudTouch brushed-knit material on the interior, as well as recycled rip-stop material on the exterior. This thing is so versatile for all types of people, from road life adventurers, to fireplace loungers, to backyard bonfire marshmallow roasters.

It punches well above its weight class with features as it stuffs inside itself to become a pillow, can be used as a classic throw blanket, and can even be used as a sleeping bag. It’s durable without compromising on comfort, and it’s stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected messes that adventures tend to throw at you. This blanket really fits the bill for every type of person on your holiday list, and we’re quite certain that it’ll be adored by all who wrap themselves in it this winter season.
[$125; voited.com]

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Discommon Watch Wallet

Courtesy of Discommon

What do you get the person who quite literally has everything? You get them something to help organize everything. And if you have a timepiece aficionado in your life, there’s nothing more fitting than a luxury watch wallet. And the Watch Wallet 2 from Discommon is one of the finest examples we’ve ever seen. Pairing two of your most valuable travel necessities—your passport and your watches—this wallet makes transporting your valuables as simple, safe, and stylish as it gets. Keep your things organized with an ultra-soft and secure impact-absorbing foam that actually stiffens as it absorbs energy when dropped. Its thoughtful, functional design is the draw, and its handsome styling is the cherry on top. We absolutely love the color-matched Italian paint, as well as the nod to the brand’s Scottish roots with a tweed inner. This wallet functions as beautifully as it looks.

[$210; discommon.com]

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Humboldt Distillery Humboldt’s Finest Vodka

Courtesy of Humboldt Distillery

There’s something magical about the Humboldt County coastline in California. The majestic coastal fir trees, the salty air, the rugged coast, the crisp and cool energy. Take a deep breath… can you feel that? This is the lifeblood of where Humboldt Distillery firmly plants its roots. And with all that fresh in your mind, we’d like to share their Humboldt’s Finest Vodka with you. This is not your run-of-the-mill vodka. It’s infused with locally-grown hemp for a wonderfully herbal, easy-drinking flavor that not only serves well over ice, but also mixed in your favorite cocktails. (Humboldt’s Finest does not contain any THC or CBD, so you will not get high, and it’s legal in all 50 states.)

Humboldt Distillery really did a refreshing and aromatic take on botanical spirits—one that we haven’t experienced before, which is a very pleasant thing right about now. And when it comes to trying new flavors in the world of alcohol, we don’t see too many quite like this. It’s a gift that anyone you know will appreciate, and at a very affordable price point, you can afford to treat everyone on your list this year.

[$25; humboldtdistillery.com]

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Oax Original Arroqueno Mezcal

Courtesy of Oax

There’s something about mezcal that simply warms the soul. The smoky, woody flavors from the agave create a unique taste and is the perfect way to cheers your loved ones during the holidays. And this year, we got our hands on a new bottle that we’d never tried before: Oax Original Arroqueno Mezcal. Not only is the bottle one of the coolest and most unique designs we’ve ever seen, but the mezcal itself is perhaps the smoothest and tastiest we’ve had in 2020.

With touches of sweet coffee and an almond aftertaste, it pairs well with everything from dessert to hors d’oeuvres. Whether you have a tequila aficionado in your family, you want to convert your whiskey-loving uncle, or you simply want a fresh take on sipping fine drink with your loved ones, we think this bottle will blow them away with its elegant and modern look, and sophisticated flavor. It’ll please the room and add that warm, cheery atmosphere that we all love about the holidays.

[$110; oaxoriginal.com]

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Gray Whale Gin

Courtesy of Gray Whale

If you’re a fan of the Pacific Coastline in California, then we think we have the next bottle you need to buy. We certainly are, which is precisely why we were thrilled to get our hands on a bottle of gin that encapsulates everything we love about this stretch of coast. The fine folks over at Gray Whale Gin have developed a gin that’s quite literally the Golden State in a bottle. Crafted from locally sourced, organic—and even wild foraged—ingredients, Gray Whale Gin’s refreshing mint and umami notes of kombu sea kelp are ever-so delightful, and then to finish it off with a lingering almond flavor, this gin is top shelf at a very reasonable price point.

Gray Whale Gin is also gluten-free, seven-times distilled, and they are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. And with its attractive branding and an origin story that began with the celebration of the annual 12,000-mile migration of the gray whale, well, you’ll not only have a conversation piece around the dinner table, but you’ll have the embodiment of that story in your glass. This is the perfect gift for all the adults on your holiday shopping list, and we think you should nab a bottle or two for yourself while you’re at it.

[$43; reservebar.com]

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Saltverk Hand-Harvested Sustainable Sea Salt

Courtesy of Saltverk

What’s better than getting inspired in the kitchen? We think it’s inspiring others to get creative in the kitchen. That being said, the perfect holiday gift idea might just be a kitchen staple of its on: sea salt. And Saltverk makes some of the highest quality sea salt we’ve ever sprinkled onto our cuisine. Coming direct from the Westfjords of Iceland, Saltverk embraces the traditional geothermal-energy production of salt in Iceland, and their hand-harvested sustainable sea salts reflect that passion and tradition wholeheartedly.

With products such as Birch Smoked Salt, Arctic Thyme salt, Lava Salt, Licorice Salt, and even Seaweed Salt, these products add unique and wonderful flavors to several different types of dishes. Whether you’re looking to get your culinary creative juices flowing this holiday, or you know a home chef with a sophisticated palette, these Icelandic salts are fun to cook with.

[Prices vary; saltverk.com]

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Omnom Chocolate

Courtesy of Omnom Chocolate

It’s the holiday season. This means overindulgence in just about everything. And who doesn’t love some delicious gourmet chocolate? Well, for the chocoholic in your life, we’ve found perhaps the finest chocolate products we’ve ever nibbled on. We’d like to introduce you to Omnom. These fine folks from Reykjavik produce small-batch “bean-to-bar” chocolate products that rival anything we’ve ever tasted in the States. Their unorthodox flavors were what originally caught our eye, and the flavors themselves kept us coming back bite-after-bite.

From classics like Coffee + Milk and Caramel, to wildly imaginative flavors like Black N’ Burnt Barley, Dark Milk of Tanzania, and Lakkris + Raspberry (and many other flavor realms in between), this line of chocolate has a perfect flavor for every palette. Their wonderfully unique branding aesthetic makes it the perfect thoughtful gift to give that sweet tooth in your life, and with so many options, it’s kind of a one-stop-shop for everyone on your holiday list.

[Prices vary; omnomchocolate.com]

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