14 Flowers & Plants That Will Attract Bees To Your Yard

14 Flowers & Plants That Will Attract Bees To Your Yard

Buzzy bees are constantly foraging for pollen and spreading it from plant to plant, pollinating flowers and all kinds of crops along the way. “Bees are a gardener’s best friend,” says Allison Vallin Kostovick of Finch & Folly organic farm in Maine. “They help pollinate not only flowers, but they’re crucial to your vegetable garden’s success.”

And they’re not the only pollinators that can help bring life to your yard. Blythe Yost, the co-founder and CEO of online landscape design company Tilly, notes that butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, bats, and some birds are also active pollinators. Together, these pollinators make it possible for about 90% of the world’s flowering plants and 35% of our food to grow.

“If we had to all just wait around for the wind to meticulously pollinate plants, we’d be waiting forever! Nobody would eat,” says Ashlie Thomas of The Mocha Gardener.

So even if bees aren’t your favorite critters, it’s important to create a refuge for them so they can continue to do the important work of pollinating the plants that make our world go ’round. One way to do so is to stop using harsh herbicides or pesticides, which threaten bees and contribute to colony loss. Instead, feed the bees what they love most: flowers! The vibrant colors and signature scents of flowers will quickly attract bees looking to feed on their sweet nectar.

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