14 Best Probiotic Supplements Of 2022, According To An RD & PhD

At this point, the word “probiotic” is as much in the wellness zeitgeist as “organic” or “omega-3s“. You’re probably well aware that these beneficial bugs are crucial for your gut health, and you may even be familiar with the wide array of probiotic foods (kombucha! kimchi! yogurt!) that help nourish your gut microbiome.* And while a diet rich in these foods is certainly important for maintaining a healthy gut, sometimes our body needs a little extra support in the form of probiotic supplements.*

Now, that’s where things get a little more complicated. Here’s the thing: Not all probiotic supplements are created equal. “Probiotic” is an umbrella term, but the reality is there is a wide variety of different strains—each with varying benefits to consider. Not to mention, the quality of your probiotic is also crucial.

Since there are so many probiotic supplements out there to choose from, I tapped mindbodygreen’s VP of scientific affairs Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, to help cut through the noise. Check out her insights on exactly what to look for in a probiotic supplement, plus her favorite brands on the market right now, for every need.

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