13 Of The Best Mantras To Use In Your Spiritual Journey

13 Of The Best Mantras To Use In Your Spiritual Journey

If you’re curious to get started using different mantras, according to Markoe Schieffelin, the first thing you’ll want to do is choose one that resonates with you. “You could choose an English word such as ‘love’ or ‘peace’ and practice repeating it to yourself while sitting quietly in meditation,” she says, “Or you could choose a traditional ancient mantra, which can have a stronger vibration, since humans have been working with them consciously for thousands of years.” 

And as meditation instructor Megan Monahan previously explained to mbg, mantra meditation isn’t meant to stop your thoughts, as some people mistakenly believe. Rather, she says, “the goal is to expand your awareness so you can get more comfortable observing your thoughts (and any other external stimuli) without getting immediately involved in them.”

Markoe Schieffelin adds that you can, of course, try mantra meditation, but you can also simply chant it out loud whenever you feel called to, or write it down somewhere you’ll see it regularly, as a reminder of your intention. You can even repeat your mantra while you’re washing your hands, or driving in the car.

Here’s our guide to mantra meditation for more information. Now, let’s get into some mantras.

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