13 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes for Jacked Guys

The time has finally come: the week when you realize that Halloween is upon us, but you’ve been too busy making gains in the gym to even think about putting effort into a costume. Maybe you’ve had a few fleeting thoughts—if that—about how you’re going to dress up, and maybe your girlfriend has spent the month begging you to dress as the companion to whatever elaborate costume she’ll be donning when you inevitably end up at a Halloween gathering.

Don’t worry though because we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled 13 easy Halloween get-ups that can be thrown together in a flash with a few items you probably have lying around your house anyway. You might have to run to the store for a bit of face paint or a quick prop, but these are ideas that will impress all the ghouls and goblins at your spooky bash.

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