13 Best Hair Moisturizers 2021 To Hydrate & Soften Dry Strands

Ask any expert their No. 1 tip for curly hair care, and chances are they’ll tell you: moisture, moisture, moisture. Considering curly hair types are more prone to dryness and damage, dousing the tresses in hydration is downright crucial for springier, shinier strands. That said, a hair moisturizer (aka, any treatment, leave-in or rinse-out, that delivers precious moisture) is a sound investment.  

“The role of these conditioners is to refortify the cuticle with a protective coating and add additional moisture to the cortex, allowing the hair to keep growing without breaking,” says natural hair expert and consultant, Sarah Roberts, regarding types of conditioners. The end result? Definition, luster, and soft, strong strands.

Ahead, find our 13 favorite moisturizers for thirsty hair. 

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