12 Gorgeous Lip Stains Of 2020 That Won’t Dare Budge

In an age full of face coverings, the lip stain sees new life. Ever spend precious moments finishing up your pout in the mirror, only to find all your precision smudged on the inside of your mask at the end of the night? (Unfortunately raises hand.) Perhaps you eschew the lip products altogether or mourn the days when a strong, bold lip made all the statements. Oh, waithello, lip stains!

Mask gripes aside, stains are the perfect middle ground of all the lippies. If you’re looking for the bold pigment of a lipstick but that melt-into-your-lips swipe only your trusty lip balm can bring? Well, allow us to introduce you to the mighty lip stain. These effortlessly coat on color, giving you that just-finished-off-an-ice-pop pout for all your masked-up ventures. 

Below, 12 gorgeous, clean lip stains that won’t dare budge.


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