11 Sex Positions For High Sex Drive + What Makes Them Great

Lastly, Engle says oral sex can be a good option if one partner isn’t as aroused as the other, but they’re still willing to go down on you. Obviously, don’t beg them if they’re not in the mood, but at least sometimes, she says, they might be happy to please you with no expectation of receiving themselves. “This won’t work for everyone, as some people who aren’t in the mood for sex like straight up are not in the mood for sex,” she adds, “but it can work for others.”

At the end of the day, satisfying sex will look different for everyone, and couples with particularly high sex drives might need to do a bit of experimenting to figure out what really gets the job done for them. You’ll never know if you never try, so be open to new things, enjoy the intimacy, and just have fun with it.

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