11 Natural & CDC-Approved Hand Sanitizers For Healthy Skin

Now that we’re all running around with hand sanitizer in our bags and purses, or littering our home and workspaces, we know that these formulas can come at a cost. Yes, they keep our hands and bodies protected from viruses—most notably COVID-19—but they also strip our skin of natural oils, disrupt our microbiome, and can trigger inflammatory skin conditions. 

So, here, we’re left at a tough crossroads: Hand sanitizers (when formulated at the CDC’s recommended guidelines) do protect us from the virus; however, is there a way to make sure we’re not wreaking havoc on our hands in the process? Well, that comes down to a few key points: First, use hand soap and warm water when available. Second, always follow your hand sanitizer or hand-wash with a nourishing hand cream. Finally, find a go-to hand sanitizer that’s buffered with hydrating actives so as not to totally dry out your skin in the process. 

And on that last point, we did the work for you—we’ve had tons of practice with hand sanitizer these past few months, after all. Here are the best, most effective hand sanitizers (at recommended CDC formulations) that come with plenty of natural hydrators and soothers to help your skin in the process. 

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