11 Fragrance-Free Lotions To Buy In 2021 For Any Skin Type

If you have skin that flares up at the very mention of scent, a fragrance-free lotion is a must. It covers so much surface area, after all, especially if you slather it all over your body post-shower (which we highly recommend to keep your skin soft and aptly hydrated). You may know to steer clear of artificial fragrance, as it’s “one of the most common ingredients to cause sensitivity, puffiness, itch, and rash,” board-certified dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, M.D., FAAD, once told us, but even natural fragrances (essential oils and the like) can sneak into the formula and trigger irritation for some. 

So how can you ensure a body lotion is truly fragrance-free? Well, you can peer at ingredient lists for terms like parfum or any of the EOs, or you can peruse these options below: We did the work for you. 

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