10 Tips For Listening To Your Inner Voice & Why You Should

In all that you do, allowing your inner voice to guide you can help you show up as the best version of yourself. “It will help you fully discern your wisdom, guidance, and direction,” Racioppi says, “and there’s nothing more potent or powerful than trusting of yourself and confidently following your truth.”

Both she and Richardson work with clients, helping them get in touch with their own inner voice. To name just a few examples of how your inner voice can serve you, Racioppi says, “I have seen many miracles happen for my clients when they begin to hear, trust, and follow their inner voice. Things like getting a dream job, finding love, learning how to eat intuitively, feeling free to be their authentic selves,” and so much more.

And, they both use their own inner voice in their daily lives: “I use my own intuition in sessions with clients every day,” Richardson says. “Your sixth sense can give you out-of-the-box information you won’t receive any other way. To ignore it would be to ignore a very wise, helpful, practical tool—as if a sailor were to ignore their compass.”

“In my own life,” Racioppi adds, “I have found my inner voice to the most crucial guide […] It’s instilled within me a deep trust that I count on myself and my experience of being embodied to guide me through life. It’s a priceless feeling.”

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