10 Expert Tips To Keep Cuticles Hydrated & Strong Always

If bandages are not a path you are willing to go down, then you can try to stop your behaviors before they get out of hand and you end up going down on your little tips. It takes some self-control, but with enough focus and patience, it just might do the trick. 

“One theory is that picking is a self-regulating behavior—it stimulates us when we are bored or sedentary (watching TV, at the computer, talking on the phone) and calms us when we are overstimulated (whether by negative emotions or stress or positive excitement),” Jennifer Raikes, executive director of the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, previously told us.

So when you feel bored, stressed, or any of your triggering emotions—pull yourself out of it by moving your body. It will get your mind off your bad habit and ideally help regulate whatever emotion you’re feeling in that given time. And your movements can be simple: Stretch your body, go for a quick walk, tidy up an area of your home, and so on. 

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