10 Easy Ways To Make Your Nails Grow Faster & Stronger

We forget how much wear and tear our hands go through: Typing away at keyboards, doing things around the house, gardening, lawn work, oh how the list goes on. Do this hard enough and it can even result in trauma to the nail, which very often results in peeling and breakage. But it can be simple, things, too: “Things like opening a can of soda can potentially cause that too,” says Lin. 

Also: It will protect your nails from any harsh ingredients. You might have swapped your acetone polish remover, sure, but think about other ways your nails are exposed to chemicals on the daily. For example, if you have traditional dish soap in your kitchen. (And even some natural-leaning dish soaps can have drying ingredients, like vinegar or lemon.) “It might be a small step, but over time you’ll notice the difference in your health and the appearance of your nails,” says Lin.

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